Training Center, Marlins English Courses

Information, advisory and legal assistance

Providing different assistance to seafarers including legal assistance.
Consulting of individual contract items.
Piracy and safeguarding methods including the Employer’s actions.

The program for cadets from Maritime Educational Institutions followed by employment.

Cadet Program is carried out upon the Shipowners’ orders and in cooperation with the leading Maritime Educational Institutions of Odessa.
In accordance with the interview results, the cadets undergo practical training on board modern vessels while continuing their studying.

«English Training Course for Seafarers» based on «Marlins English Language»

Since November 1st, 2004 the Company has been granted the status of Marlins Approved Test Center in accordance with the minimum standards agreed by the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
The Company presents an English Training Course for Seafarers intended to improve the ability of communication in English, the necessity that has been given additional emphasis by the ISM Code and the STCW-95 Convention.
The course consists of two parts: Beginner Level and Intermediate Level.
The Beginner Level is mostly aimed at ratings (able seamen, motormen, cooks, hotel and catering personnel) who have just elementary level of English. This part of the courses combines detailed language input with extensive practice of language skills within maritime contexts. This part of the course provides:
1. Training in spoken and written maritime English
2. Listening to different maritime texts
3. Improving basic grammar points
4. Activation and developing the learner’learner’s current understanding of English
The Beginner Level includes 22 Units of illustrated study material with audiocassettes for Listening practice.
The following Issues are covered (80 class periods during 20 working days, 4 class periods a day):
  • Personal information exchange. Introduction.
  • Daily routine on board.
  • Description of places on board.
  • Safety equipment and its location, safety commands.
  • Identifying directions.
  • Emergency situations, accidents.
  • Work-related equipment, safety of work on board ships.
The Intermediate Level is aimed at Deck and Engineer Officers with an intermediate and lower intermediate level of English.
The course is based on the language related to work including unfamiliar and specialized language required to fulfill main job functions and demands.
This part of the Course improves a seafarer’s ability:
  • To listen to specific information.  
  • To scan read and read intensively. 
  • To write in English focusing on clear and well-structured sentences. 
  • Knowledge of professional terms.
The following Issues are covered in the course of 80 class periods within 20 working days:
  • Pre-joining briefing;
  • Emergency situations, accidents on board, rendering first aid;
  • Piracy;
  • Safeguarding equipment;
  • Interaction with the Company (e-mail and phone negotiations);
  • Safety Requirements Information Exchange, Giving a Presentation);
The course is based on the Marlins English for Seafarers St. Pack 2, the computer program MarEng and the course of dialogues reflecting the situations on board. The vessel documents and technical literature are also used during the training course. All students can get some additional materials to improve the language skills.
In addition, the seafarers can improve or confirm their professional knowledge of the English language by means of tests and training programs.

Tests and Training Programs 
List of In-Office Training and Pre-joining Programs:

  • Computer Based Training (Seagull’s Training Library on CD);
  • Computer program study and training (Certain programs as Company required);
  • Familiarization courses in respect of Flag State Maritime Law (Cyprus, Island of Man, Norwegian);
  • Familiarization with Company documents (SMS-system accordingly to rank and Circular Letters for management level);


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